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Author : Kathleen Marden
language : en
Publisher: Career Press
Release Date : 2007

Download Captured written by Kathleen Marden and has been published by Career Press this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2007 with Body, Mind & Spirit categories.

An analysis of the famous 1961 alien-abduction story draws on previously unpublished information, hypnosis session transcripts and the observations of Betty Hill's niece to provide a full account of everything that actually happened, sharing additional coverage of the Hills' life after going public and Betty's subsequent work as a UFO investigator.

The Captured

Author : Scott Zesch
language : en
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date : 2007-04-01

Download The Captured written by Scott Zesch and has been published by St. Martin's Press this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2007-04-01 with History categories.

On New Year's Day in 1870, ten-year-old Adolph Korn was kidnapped by an Apache raiding party. Traded to Comaches, he thrived in the rough, nomadic existence, quickly becoming one of the tribe's fiercest warriors. Forcibly returned to his parents after three years, Korn never adjusted to life in white society. He spent his last years in a cave, all but forgotten by his family. That is, until Scott Zesch stumbled over his own great-great-great uncle's grave. Determined to understand how such a "good boy" could have become Indianized so completely, Zesch travels across the west, digging through archives, speaking with Comanche elders, and tracking eight other child captives from the region with hauntingly similar experiences. With a historians rigor and a novelists eye, Zesch's The Captured paints a vivid portrait of life on the Texas frontier, offering a rare account of captivity. "A carefully written, well-researched contribution to Western history -- and to a promising new genre: the anthropology of the stolen." - Kirkus Reviews

Captured By The Indians

Author : Frederick Drimmer
language : en
Publisher: Courier Corporation
Release Date : 2012-04-27

Download Captured By The Indians written by Frederick Drimmer and has been published by Courier Corporation this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2012-04-27 with History categories.

Astounding eyewitness accounts of Indian captivity by people who lived to tell the tale. Fifteen true adventures recount suffering and torture, bloody massacres, relentless pursuits, miraculous escapes, and adoption into Indian tribes.


Author : Moose Peterson
language : en
Publisher: Pearson Education
Release Date : 2010-10-01

Download Captured written by Moose Peterson and has been published by Pearson Education this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2010-10-01 with Photography categories.

Captured: Behind the Lens of a Legendary Wildlife Photographer is more than just a photography book—it's a chronicle of more than 30 years' worth of unbelievable moments that only nature can reveal. And Moose Peterson is more than just a wildlife photographer—he's a storyteller in both prose and pictures. If you're looking for the ultimate guide to wildlife photography from a man who has devoted his entire career to capturing nature's finest and most rare moments, you'll find it here in Captured. If you're looking to be transported into the wild to confront a grizzly bear and her cubs, stumble upon a pack of wolves, or capture an owl in flight, you'll find it here, as well. You'll also find a healthy dose of inspiration as the stories behind the photos are revealed as only Moose can tell them. In the end, you'll come away with invaluable photographic techniques gained through a lifetime of experience and a new appreciation for the passion of wildlife photography. You'll gain knowledge that you can put to use on your next excursion into the wild, your local or state park, or even your own backyard.


Author : Sheldon Whitehouse
language : en
Publisher: New Press, The
Release Date : 2017-02-21

Download Captured written by Sheldon Whitehouse and has been published by New Press, The this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2017-02-21 with Political Science categories.

In Captured, U.S. Senator and former federal prosecutor Sheldon Whitehouse offers an eye-opening take on what corporate influence looks like today from the Senate Floor, adding a first-hand perspective to Jane Mayer’s Dark Money. Americans know something is wrong in their government. Senator Whitehouse combines history, legal scholarship, and personal experiences to provide the first hands-on, comprehensive explanation of what's gone wrong, exposing multiple avenues through which our government has been infiltrated and disabled by corporate powers. Captured reveals an original oversight by the Founders, and shows how and why corporate power has exploited that vulnerability: to strike fear in elected representatives who don’t “get right” by threatening million-dollar "dark money" election attacks (a threat more effective and less expensive than the actual attack); to stack the judiciary—even the Supreme Court—in "business-friendly" ways; to "capture” the administrative agencies meant to regulate corporate behavior; to undermine the civil jury, the Constitution's last bastion for ordinary citizens; and to create a corporate "alternate reality" on public health and safety issues like climate change. Captured shows that in this centuries-long struggle between corporate power and individual liberty, we can and must take our American government back into our own hands.


Author : Marie Kelly
language : en
Publisher: marie kelly
Release Date :

Download Captured written by Marie Kelly and has been published by marie kelly this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on with categories.

Cambodia Captured

Author : Jim Mizerski
language : en
Publisher: Jasmine Image Machine
Release Date : 2016-01-01

Download Cambodia Captured written by Jim Mizerski and has been published by Jasmine Image Machine this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2016-01-01 with categories.

This book accurately chronicles the creation of the French Protectorate of Cambodia through the accounts of the people who actually participated in its inception and in the context of the political intrigues of that time and place involving Cambodia, Siam, France and Great Britain. In the same decade of the 1860's two other related treaties complicated and then resolved the protectorate treaty. Drawing on the same historical context this new book commemorates the 150th anniversary in 2016 of the beginning of photography in Cambodia, presenting over 145 rare engravings, maps, and the remarkable first photographs captured at Angkor and Phnom Penh by John Thomson and Emile Gsell, decades before photographic film was even invented. On February 26, 1866 John Thomson arrived at Angkor Wat to capture the first photographs there. Four months later Emile Gsell's historic photographs at Angkor also marked the beginning of the French expedition, led by Commander Doudart de Lagrée, to explore the then uncharted Mekong River from Cambodia to the north of China, one of the great and most courageous expeditions of exploration in recent centuries. In the end, France captured Cambodia, Siam captured Angkor, King Norodom captured the crown and the throne of Cambodia and for at least a short time the independence of the kingdom, John Thomson and Emile Gsell captured the first photographs at Angkor, and Ernest Doudart de Lagrée was captured by duty, adventure and the affection of a little Cambodian boy named Chhun.