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At a young age, I was written off by my teachers, told I’d never amount to much, voted least likely to succeed, and laughed at by family members for wanting to pursue my passions. To say I had early setbacks and failures is an understatement.

But growing up fast helped me gain the valuable skills to make six-figures annually in the mortgage industry when I was only in my twenties. With no prior experience and no college degree, I became a top producer, rose to the peak, then had it all ripped out from under me in the crash of 2008. It was simply another failure plunging me back to rock bottom.

The moment I learned about flipping houses everything changed.

It was all I wanted to do. I knew it would give me freedom. I just had to work for it. I didn’t want a corporate nine to five job anymore. I wanted my life on my terms. I didn’t want a jerk of a boss telling me what to do.

Today, I am my OWN boss and I’ve since partnered on over $225M worth of transactions.

I wrote this book for you. To give you all the tools I use within my business, tools proven to take anyone, no matter their experience level, to success. Simply copy and paste these tools and use them in your business to find and close real estate deals on AUTOPILOT. You will discover a life of independent financial means… A life you will NEVER want to take a vacation from. A life that will allow you to be present for yourself and your loved ones. Your dream life begins RIGHT FLIPPING NOW.

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